1. EdgeAhead and the mentors require that the student sign an agreement, accepting the terms and conditions for free tutoring. One of the conditions is that the student will provide the mentor and EdgeAhead with their current standardized test scores.
2. EdgeAhead will not donate cash; the mentors and/or organizations will instead receive

     tutoring hours. 
3. EdgeAhead will pay for tutoring hours, and internet charges if applicable.   
4. The mentor will work with the student’s family to set up internet service and initiate the

     tutoring sessions. 
5. At the beginning and end of the program, each student will be reviewed for:
        a. Tutoring session online attendence 
        b. Weekly homework completion    
        c. Pre & Post-program practice test scores 
        e. Report from the on-line tutoring company regarding the student's academic  


How Are Candidates Chosen?

How Long is the Tutoring Program?

Who Qualifies


The tutoring offering will vary however, on average, a student will receive 10 hours of tutoring for either the ACT or the SAT.

Mentors from selected programs identify students for the tutoring program. EdgeAhead reviews the applications and the qualifying candidates will have interviews with the selection committee.  The selection committee will then choose the students and the amount of tutoring support EdgeAhead will provide.

The Process For Selected Candidates.